Fitting Travel Into Your Life

Fitting Travel Into Your Life

This is not a “usual” travel blog. I traveled a lot as a kid but have been stationary for a decade due to study, work and health issues. However, that doesn’t mean that the travel bug has gone away. I still feel that restless urge to see somewhere new. But right now, it has to work for me. 


Fitting Travel Into Your Life


Fitting Travel Into Your Life


So, how do you fit travel into a “standard” life?


Keep “Travel Gear” On Hand

I keep camping chairs in my car boot at all times. It makes it easy to pull over just about anywhere and enjoy the view (or read a book outside for a while). If my boot was a little bigger, I would consider keep my free-standing hammock in there all the time too. Nap under a tree = easy!


Eat Outside Frequently

Nearly every single week we have breakfast or dinner at a BBQ by the beach. 


Accessorise Your Travel Bug

Allowed to hang photos on the walls? Go for it! Change the desktop image on your computer to somewhere you loved or somewhere you want to go. Get travel themed stationery. Whatever is something you like, make it travel themed. I may not get to travel as much as I would like, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep myself inspired to travel.


Make Peace With Expenses

If you work a full time job, it’s likely that you’ll be limited to traveling on the weekends or at other peak times. Peak travel will always be more expensive, but it’s far better than not traveling at all! Accept and plan for it.


Save For Travel

In line with the point above, accept that travel may cost your more and save accordingly. I have some tips here.


How do you fit travel into your life?


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