5 Easy Travel Snacks

Sometimes, eating well on the go is a challenge. No matter if you’re out for the day or on a long road trip, here are 5 easy travel snacks that are cheap, reasonably healthy (we all have different health needs so it’s relative!), definitely better than fast food, and easy to transport.


5 Easy Travel Snacks


5 Easy Travel Snacks


Carrot Sticks

Carrot sticks are my number one go-to snack for pretty much any day of the week, actually! Prep them before you leave home by peeling and chopping them, then put them into a container or zip-lock bag for easy transporting. I particularly like carrot sticks for travel as they keep fairly well and don’t go soggy. They’re also fairly mess-free to eat. Though don’t give the mess-free challenge to your kids… I’m sure they’ll find a way to smear them somewhere!


Rice Crackers

The one downside to rice crackers is that you need to transport them in a solid type of container. They do crush too easily for you to use a zip-lock bag or anything like that. I try to stick to reusable containers anyway as it’s less wasteful, but depending on what type of trip you’re taking, a solid container could get in the way when you’re finished with it. But apart from that, once again, rice crackers are easy to transport, semi-healthy (just don’t think about the salt in them!) snack option. And as a bonus, there’s no prepping at all. I’ve also noticed they’ve started making possibly healthier variants such as brown rice, so there should be options here to suit most tastes.



These can be a meal or a snack – or something in between! You can go plain old bread with a basic peanut butter or vegemite filling, or go mini rolls with meat and some salad inside. The real key to sandwiches as a travel snack is to avoid anything that could go soggy. Or, keep soggy-prone items (such a lettuce) in a separateĀ container and only add when you want to eat it.



Captain obvious disclaimer – don’t go for this if anyone you’re traveling with has a nut allergy! However, if your travel team is nut-allergy-free, then I think these are a great snack. Filling and decently nutritious, so long as you avoid sugar-coated ones! You can get one type of nut, a mixed bag or even branch out into a mix with dried fruits too. My biggest tip is to buy shelled nuts. Sometimes I love shelling my own but it’s not practical to make a big mess when what you’re actually looking for is an easy to eat snack.



Yogurt is a great snack for the first day of a long trip, or a day trip. Because I live in the sub-tropics, I would be hesitant to pack yogurt without and ice pack to keep it cool. But apart from that, it’s easy to pour your personal favourite into a spill-proof container, add a spoon, and throw it into the cooler bag. You could also go prepackaged with the drinkable yogurt, but I find they aren’t worth the cost vs buying a large container and just taking some out for your trip. You can also get yogurt covered sultanas or raisins if you’re wanting the flavour without the perishable aspect.


These 5 easy travel snacks are my go-to, and mostly based on what is commonly available in supermarkets (and how my dietitian advised me to snack). As always, take into account your own budget, dietary restrictions and availability of food when planning snacks.


What is your favourite easy travel snack?Ā 


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