Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Falls

Mid last year, I was whisked away by my then-day-job to Mount Tamborine for two days and one night of corporate …well, I won’t talk about that part of it. Corporate retreats aren’t usually my thing. I will thank them for a gorgeous setting though. If you’re curious, I haven’t been paid to write this. Work paid for my accommodation as it was a work trip. I’m not really sure where this all sits in the realm of disclosures. It’s just a place I went because of my then-day-job.


Cedar Creek Trip


I felt a little silly taking a suitcase for an overnight trip. But this did allow me to fit a bunch of warm clothes in the bag, knowing that Mt Tambourine is a cold place. And it also allowed me to put my work laptop & chargers in the one bag, rather than drag a laptop bag as well. And my work laptop was a bit bulky. So it felt silly, but was fairly practical at the same time.


We checked into Cedar Creek Lodges and were given our room keys. I was located in the Frog Lodge rooms.


Cedar Creek Lodge Frog Rooms


There was even a little kitchenette space with a kettle, microwave and toaster. Perfect for a bit of budget saving or late night snacks.


Cedar Creek Lodge Kitchenette


In between the wonderful usual work retreat activities and discussions I managed to get some photos of the conference surroundings.


Cedar Creek Lodge Stone Bridge


Then while we had a break between wonderful retreat activities and the alcohol flowing, a few of us snuck off to see the actual Cedar Creek Falls.


Cedar Creek Falls


The best part about the falls is that the main viewing platform is wheelchair/stroller friendly. So pretty much anyone can access it! I did take a further walk down the stairs to the non-wheelchair accessible parts and honestly, you get the best view from the first platform so you don’t miss anything at all. I really love it when people (governments maybe – I’m not sure where the responsibility of these things sits) make outdoor parts of our word accessible for everyone.


After a sadly long night of work, I woke up in the morning to some gorgeous mist and horses huddling together. It really was nice to wake up to. Living in South-East Queensland, you don’t get the chance to appreciate winter very often. I’ve added Mt Tamborine to my list of places to go back to.


Have you ever been to Cedar Creek Falls?


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