Sydney 2010 – Day 4

Day 4 – Sunday June 6th 2010


We started out at a reasonable hour, walked out with Circular Quay as our eventual destination. But we stopped for some Subway and Starbucks along the way, which we took into Hyde Park for picnic breakfast. There we met some people who were doing some kind of charity race or event and thought we were part of it, which was a little strange, but they were all nice.


After we’d finished eating we kept making our way towards the ferries, but took our time walking through the Botanical Gardens. 


It was about this time that I started to get a headache, but didn’t think much of it since we had no intensive plans for the day. The headache starts to get worse, so I start to rest in the park while Ben walks and entertains himself taking photos. Including of me & a lady beetle that landed on me. 


We spent about two hours just wandering but ended up down at Circular Quay to get a ferry to Manly. Just as we bought our tickets, my headache started getting really bad, so I took some painkillers. Unfortunately, they were strong ones, and it had been an hour or two since breakfast… with the end result being that the ferry ride over to Manly was the first time in my life I’ve ever learned what sea sickness would feel like. I was surprised how rough the boat ride was in parts, as I didn’t realise beforehand that the ferry crosses a stretch of water that is by the open sea. We were rocking not only up and down with the rise and fall of waves, but also side to side. At the worst part of the crossing we were rocking so much that you could look out one window and see only ocean, and out the window on the other side of the boat you could only see sky! I don’t know if that’s a normal condition for a crossing from Sydney to Manly, but with painkillers and an emptyish stomach, it’s not an experience I am ever looking to repeat.


We went to Manly with one activity in mind – to have some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! At the time, I believe that Manly was the only “Scoop Shop” in the country. It had been a few years since I’d had any Ben & Jerry’s and seeing as Ben has the same name (clearly), I told him that he had to have some! We went there and I ordered my absolute favourite – chocolate fudge brownie. Ben decided to get a thickshake, rather than an ice cream cone, which he ended up regretting. It was a bit cold for ice cream, but we still enjoyed eating them – within the shelter of the store.


There was some type of wine or food festival on that day in Manly too, so there were a lot of stalls and visitors in general. It also had one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life – adults walking around with wine glasses in lanyards.


Thankfully, the trip back was much calmer:


By 2pm we were back in Sydney. Having been worn out from my headache, we headed back to the hostel so I could rest and work on my assignment for the rest of the afternoon. We popped out for dinner to a pub, but it was a quick meal, mostly because we were trying to run to and from the hostel inbetween some heavy rain showers.



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