Sydney 2010 – Day 3

Day 3 – Sat June 5th


My plan for the day was to go to Bondi Junction and wander around the shops – I’d bought a very cheap and comfy pair of sneakers there last time I was in Sydney and I’d been on an online forum said Bondi was a good area to go for cheap clothes. Exactly my type of clothing! But it seemed silly to go there just to go shopping and not go to Bondi beach, so as we’d woken up earlyish, we got the train to Bondi Junction and then caught the bus to Bondi beach, so that was Ben had been there. It was quieter and nicer than last time, or maybe it just wasn’t stinking hot like last time!! I had kind of told Ben that I didn’t get the big deal about Bondi, I mean we do live a block from the beach. So he wasn’t expecting a lot and then he sees this big empty surfing beach… haha. Whoopsies.


We grabbed some Hungry Jacks and walked over to an empty hut to sit and eat. It was nice. There was a boot camp/personal training session of some kind on the other side of the little hut, and it was very funny to watch these people sweating it up and down the hill and staring at our food. It was incredibly satisfying.


I think it even made the food taste better (but I am sadistic like that).


We didn’t hang around the beach too much after eating, but we did stay to watch someone walking their dogs. They went psycho, it was so funny, they were running laps around the little hut and were so fast! Made us miss our dog though. I wish you could travel with dogs & take them everywhere with you.


Caught the bus back to Bondi Junction after that and wandered to the shops. Only I couldn’t find any of the lousy cheap stores I’d been promised so we ended up in the boring old bland Westfield.We had a bit of a wander around the shops for an hour or so, then got a bus back to Sydney, where we had lunch.


By 2pm we were on a ferry across to Taronga Zoo. Because it was a holiday, and we did a lot of walking in general, we decided to take the ‘Zoo Sky Safari’ up to the top of the zoo and work our way down. It was Ben’s first time on a chairlift, so I love the photos of his face:


Although being near the end of the day meant that we couldn’t linger much at any exhibit, the advantage was that people were starting to leave, so the zoo soon got very quiet & it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.


We spent our few hours there just wandering and watching the animals:


As it was 5.30 by the time we got back to Circular Quay, we decided to eat straight away, and grabbed some food at one of the ferry terminal snack carts. It was fairly expensive but we were so hungry by then that we really didn’t mind.


Sadly, that was the end of the excitement for the day. While we were on this trip I was doing some external postgraduate study and I had some work to do, which hung over us the entire trip. So it was back to the hostel for the night to keep up to date with the coursework requirements (I had a lot of online forums for the class to comment on which were counted as a small part of our assessment for the semester, as well as an assignment due and the assessment criteria kept changing – nearly daily).


Being tired and well fed, we were feeling lazy so we decided to get the train from Circular Quay back to the hostel, and we got some good snapshots of the Lighting on the Sails:

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