Theme Park Series – Sea World

Theme Park Series – Sea World


I was going to use my locals VIP pass to go for a Sea World trip before it expired recently, but then I found out they closed one of my favourite rides, the Bermuda Triangle. It was an awful, tacky old ride full of bad special effects and I absolutely loved it! But not many people are as into tacky as I am.


Sea World is an interesting park. It has a fair few rides and a good section of animals and shows. It’s the most “family-friendly” of all the theme parks. Which also means it’s overrun with prams and screaming children. So be forewarned about that!


The shows are aimed at the parks demographic, so let that be another warning. However, suspending reality is often a part of theme park enjoyment, so go in with this mindset and you’ll be fine! The seal show (Fish Detectives) is a mischievous little show aimed at the younger audience and is a little “cops and robbers”. But it’s very cute and they have some very well trained seals performing.


The dolphin show is a huge attraction at the park. It runs a few times a day, but always make sure you’re there early to get in. You’ll have to get there very early if you want a seat down the front – but if you can, there is a section of the show where they call for volunteers (usually all kids) to feed & interact with a dolphin. This is the classic dolphin show, with all the works: jumps & dives, all perfectly coordinated.


The rides:

Viking’s revenge log flume is a classic log flume ride. It has nice little bits of theming, but it a little old now, and you can clearly tell. That’s not to suggest that it’s in bad or unsafe condition, merely that newer log flumes (like the one at Movie World) are higher, taller, faster and have more ‘ride events’.


Skyway is a ski-lift style of ride that takes you across the park for a ‘birds eye’ view. It’s a great way of seeing the park when you first arrive, and has the advantage of getting you further away from the park entry before anyone else.


Sea World has two roller coasters, the Jet Rescue and the Sea Viper. Despite the fact that I love roller coasters, I’ve never been on either. The bigger of the two, the Sea Viper, was undergoing a refit/paint/maintenance during the times I visited most recently. The Jet Rescue is a much newer roller coaster, without any inversions. We were all set to go on this one, but had to leave the queue as the platform design doesn’t allow for bags to be stowed while you’re on the ride. We went to the bank of lockers, provided for this purpose, but upon seeing the cost, decided not to bother.
(This is becoming an issue at all theme parks. Generally speaking, all the roller coasters & rides in general allowed you to either take bags on the ride, or had little boxes on the other side of the platform, where no one would be until you have completed the ride. For whatever reason, these little bag storage areas don’t seem to be built on the platforms of newer roller coasters. To my cynical mind, it’s a cheap grab at extra cash, but who knows, maybe it’s a safety issue?) The animals:


Last time I was there, they had a small pool where you could pat a stingray. Kind of a scary thing to consider; even all these years after Steve Irwin’s death. I believe the animals in the patting pool are changed (presumably seasonally) so you never know what might be there when you go.


And because we all know what animals are, I thought I’d just post photos rather than tell you:


I’ve never really been able to write or tell people much about Sea World that sounds positive. In comparison to the other parks it is old and has less rides. However, I adore Sea World. When we had annual passes we used to just go there for a place to relax. It’s so nice to just find a quiet part of the park and watch some dolphins playing. They also do have an incredible range of animals there, and like every park, there are opportunities to get up and close with them if you’re willing to pay the fee.

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