To Cruise Or Not To Cruise?

Disclaimer: this post was written pre-coronavirus. Who knows what the world, let alone cruising, will look like in the future.


I’ve got to admit, there is something that secretly fascinates me about cruises. And it’s not just limited to the travel side of things. It’s documentaries on ships too, I always watch them!


To Cruise Or Not To Cruise?


To Cruise Or Not To Cruise?


But I’ve never really gone on a ship. Sure, I’ve taken many ferries (around the Brisbane river, to North Stradbroke Island, between Dover and Calais, between Vancouver and Vancouver Island), but I’ve never gone on a ship-trip that is for a long time. Or even just overnight!


So, with this level of interest, why wouldn’t I want to go on a cruise to try it? Well, I don’t really “do” crowds. I hated the Vatican for this reason. There were just too many people and no clear way to move. Basically, my thoughts are: “What if I go on this trip and I hate how many people are in this tiny place with me?”


I’ve been avidly reading the posts written by other people who went on cruises for the first time. It does seem that no one is bothered by the amount of people.


The other thing I’m undecided on is if I would need a nicer cabin so I have somewhere to “hide”. A balcony where there are no other people sounds quite nice!


River vs Ocean

This is the other big variable is what type of water to go and float on! There aren’t many river cruises in Australia, so ocean seems to be the main type. But I kind of wonder if looking at the ocean would get boring? At least with a river you can see the banks and the towns and the ever-changing scenery the whole way.


I guess in the long run, you’ll never know unless you try it! 


Have you been on a cruise? What’s it like if you don’t like crowds?


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