Education vs Embarrassment

I remember the first time I went overseas, specifically to the US. I was 7 years old (and with my family, obviously)


We went into a restaurant – I’m not sure which one, but I know it was sit down, booth style. Probably your run of the mill chain restaurant. I was walking in front of my family and I think I got to choose the table we were going to sit at.


Huge thing for a seven year old!


Education vs Embarrassment


Education vs Embarrassment


I was running (or so it felt, little legs) around the place and saw a table with money on it. It looked like more pocket money than I had ever seen in my life! Excitement!


I said “Woah, let’s take this one, it comes with money!!”


I could feel embarrassment radiating off my parents. I think I had yelled it pretty loudly. One of them gently explained to me that in the US, people leave tips for serving staff on the tables.


I didn’t really care. I have a feeling I shrugged, said ok, and sat at the table anyway. My parents flagged down a waitress and she got the tip money.


I think this is a great example of why you should travel with your kids while young. When you’re young, that spongey, tasty little brain just absorbs and trusts things.


Did you travel as a kid? What lesson have you never forgotten?


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