3 Easy Ways To Save For Travel

3 Easy Ways To Save For Travel

As fantastic as travel is, it can be expensive on top of the rest of life’s expenses. That’s certainly one reason I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would have liked to in recent years. While traveling in your own “backyard” can help control the travel bug, you often still feel that “pack up and go” desire. Here are the tips that I use to save up for travel. Sadly, there is rarely a get rich quick scheme that isn’t a scam, and we can’t rely on winning lotto, so these are some very practical tips.


3 Easy Ways To Save For Travel


3 Easy Ways To Save For Travel


1) Save Regularly

If you have a regular income from a job, talk to your payroll staff and get some money put straight into a separate bank account each pay. I keep my travel funds in a 100% different bank from my main funds. I don’t even have a credit or debit card for that bank account, so I can’t touch the money.


2) Sell Things

Go through your house and se what you have that you don’t need. You’d often be surprised at what is lingering in old suitcases that can be sold! Do you have some branded clothes? Put them on eBay or a local sales website. Take vintage clothes to a consignment store. Check your kitchen for old & unused items – they might not be worth much on their own but if you can put together a “package” of items that someone who is leaving home might need then you can sell them together.


3) Earn More

Can you pick up a part time job for a few extra hours per week? This can help you pay down debt (if relevant) and give you a travel fund.


What are your tips for saving for travel?


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