Bad Travel Advice

Bad Travel Advice

Last year I was flicking through Pinterest and ended up on a mainstream website that had all these travel tips and advice for hotels. Some of it was the usual stuff like knowing where your emergency exits are and checking that your door actually does lock – all pretty fair, logical and safe.


Bad Travel Advice



But the bit of advice that really got me was that you must check under your bed when you get into the room. Apparently there’s a high risk of there being a dead body under there and the cleaners do such a slap-dash job that no one has noticed there’s a dead body.


Yep. I actually thought it was a joke, but I think they meant is as serious advice. Now, I’m not saying this has never, ever happened in the history of the world, but really?! If you’re staying a place that’s so bad there’s a risk of dead bodies under the bed, then I’d be more worried about your decision to say in a place where that is a risk!


Nautrally, last year I decided to take this advice on my next possible trip, because I really hate it when someone gets to say “I told you so” to me. So when my blogging buddy Gayle and I checked into the QT Hotel for ProBlogger 2014, I left my suitcase just inside the door of the room and dropped to the floor.


See, no dead bodies:


Check Under The Bed


Phew. I guess there was no “I told you so” that time!


What’s the funniest bit of bad travel advice you’ve ever heard?


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