Travel Comforts DIY

I did a lot of my traveling when I was in school – which was now a little while ago! In recent years I’ve been staying in the one place for work and study, but that doesn’t meant the travel bug isn’t still gnawing away at me. One thing I do get a bit particular on is comfort. Just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean that you can’t have comfortable items with you.


Travel Comforts DIY




My main thoughts for this travel comforts DIY was long distance flying – there’s no need to leave it to chance that the airline will provide amenities for your comfort. I bought all three of these items from a store in Brisbane called Dasio where everything costs $2.80. So while these aren’t going to be long-lasting items, it’s a fair degree of comfort for only $8.40!


I went with the three basic items that I find make me comfortable:


Neck Pillow

Everyone has their own preference about blow up vs bean filled, and that will also largely depend on your available bag space. I went with bean filled because I find them more comfortable and because it saves the huffing and puffing into funny smelling plastic.


This particular pillow is great because there is a loop at the top where you can easily attach it to a bag or suitcase so you don’t lose it while in the airport.


Eye Mask

If you need dark room to sleep like I do, then never travel without an eye mask! It can be the one thing that lets you get much needed rest. Just one tip on eye masks – if you have a big head like me (cough) make sure that it’s not going to be too tight! Test it before you go away.



This was actually an afterthought – but one I liked a lot. Long distance travel means you don’t always want your shoes on, but you also don’t want to walk around on public surfaces barefoot. A bargain compromise.


UPDATE: Since writing this post, I think the price of individual items has gone up at this store. Some may not be as cheap now, but overall I think it’s still a cheap comfort DIY, especially for long haul flights.


What do you take with you to make travel more comfortable?


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