Nundah Fresh Farmers Markets

Brisbane and its suburbs have a huge selection of markets for the population. I think it’s safe to say that markets, particularly farmers markets, have been a very successful enterprise in and around South East Queensland.


I actually lived in Nundah years ago when these markets were first introduced. They were very busy at the first one, then it tapered off quickly. Since moving away from Nundah years ago, the area has become a bit more urban and funky. I decided to go back to the markets and see what they were like these days. And you know what, they’re pretty good!


Nundah Fresh Farmers Markets


Nundah Fresh Farmers Markets are not huge – they are held in the train station car park. But what they lack in size, they make up for in being funky! I actually buy all my fruit & vegetables from a shop a few doors from my house, so if I go to farmers markets, it’s just to browse, enjoy being out and see what little secrets are in each place.



I was really happy to come across a stall I’ve seen at a few markets. They sell iced tea and have a range of flavours – but it’s not always the same ones. I’m not sure what markets they are at regularly, because I’ve seen them at quite a few around Brisbane.


If you’re around the Northside of Brisbane, or stopping through, Nundah markets are a good way to get a dose of markets without spending your entire day there.


What makes or breaks a market for you? Have you been to Nundah Farmers Markets?


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