Small Planes

Small Planes


Yesterday I went in the smallest plane I’ve ever been in (at least in my memory – could have been in smaller as a kid & not know it).


It was a Dash 8 propellor plane on a short Qantas flight. The main thing I noticed was the annoying person next to me who spread himself out like he was on a beach chair.


Small Planes


But the second thing was the NOISE! Wow, what a racket! I was sitting by the propellor, so I don’t know if the noise is better if you’re at the front or back. Then again, the front or back isn’t really all that far from the propellor either, so it may not make any difference.


The pilot told us that we’d be slightly delayed due to a 110km/hr headwind, but that the flight should be fairly smooth. Cue turbulence. Naturally.


I even overhead the cabin crew joking to each other, “He calls this smooth?!”


Thankfully it was a very short flight, so by the time we were at cruising altitude it was nearly time to descend.


I was very glad to stretch as soon as the seatbelt sign came off – thanks lousy seat mate! Hope I don’t meet you again.


However, this flight did cement into me that I really do prefer larger planes. They have that bit more space to make you comfortable, better noise protection, and just feel nicer.


What sort of plane do you prefer flying on?


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