Kite Fest 2013

Last weekend was the annual Redcliffe Kite Fest ( It had some big changes this year, including paid entry & a focus on food. It was hugely successful from what I could see – after all there were queues to get in!


While the local council sets up parking at a showgrounds and has free buses to events, in this case it actually wasn’t enough space, so the showgrounds were nearly full AND all the streets around the festival were packed out for at least 1km in each direction.


I’ve got to say, I hate these stick on wrist tags with a passion. I know most people wouldn’t think twice about it but I don’t wear any jewelery so it felt weird and annoying to be on my wrist all day. Plus, I yanked it off to drive home when I was done & it’s so damn heavy duty it hurt to rip it off! I think they need a better ticketing system next year – try to class up a festival by making it food & wine, yet give out tags that you wear at a theme park…


Redcliffe Kite Fest 2013



I grabbed a green iced tea from a stall holder for the bargain price of $2.50. So. Nice.


And of course you can’t go to a food festival without eating. Sizzler ( had a great stall – just their famous cheesy toast, and all for a coin donation to charity. Absolutely loved it.


The toast made me hungry and I wanted something more substantial, so I picked up a squid noodle box from the Mon Komo
( food stand. The squid was absolutely fantastic – perfectly cooked and really good quality. The noodles were pretty bland – but I guess they need to cater to everyone’s tastes in one box.


Top Tip

Eating at a food festival can be really expensive. Try to look for school or charity fundraising stalls, as they’ve usually got food for the $5 mark, rather than the $10-15 mark that most stalls charge.



I think the revamped festival was a really popular success. I think there will be some issues (ticketing, parking & overcrowding) to sort out for next year, but I’m also an ex-events planner so I tend to get incredibly picky on these things – others probably didn’t even noticed!


What’s your tip for going to festivals?


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