Sydney 2010 – Day 5

Day 5 – Monday June 7th


After a very late night for me (working on that blasted assignment), we took it easy the next morning. We had to check out of our hostel, so we packed up all our stuff, paid up and left our bags in the lockers for the day. Even so, we didn’t rush anywhere, we even stopped off at Macca’s (Australian slang for McDonalds) for a treat… most people get fairly disgusted by this: Vegemite, spread nice and thickly on a hash brown:


Your first question: Yes, I really do eat that.


Your second question: No, I don’t think most people in Australia do. I know this by the look of disgust Maccas staff give me when I’m only ordering a hash brown and I ask for Vegemite. I actually think that some of them think I don’t put it on my food, rather I’m too cheap to buy the stuff & I’m just taking it home.


We headed down towards Circular Quay once again, this time to get a ferry over to Luna Park. They were doing some kind of ferry terminal maintenance, so we were dropped off a little further than usual from the park. Which turned out to be nice, we got some interesting shots looking back at the Opera House.


And then we headed into Luna Park!


After grabbing some lunch while watching the rides, we decided that it was too expensive to go on any of them. Luna Park’s pricing can be found on their website and as you can see from that, they really gear their pricing towards an all-day pass. As we weren’t planning to stay there very long, and as we come from theme park central (south-east Queensland), it really wasn’t worth the money to us. The good part about Luna Park is that you still get that theme park atmosphere for free by walking around it.


We left the park and grabbed another ferry. This one took us around to Darling Harbour, near Sydney Aquarium. We spent a little while wandering Darling Harbour again, then decided that we’d slowly head back to the hostel. I had wanted to go to Paddy’s Markets on this trip, but hadn’t checked their opening hours. Which means that they were, naturally, closed.


We made the best of being in the area and decided to go back to the Chinese Gardens. This really is my favourite part of Sydney, and we spent another hour and a half there, sitting, wandering and taking a lot of photos:


After that, we headed back to the hostel, grabbing some food along the way. We decided to get a cab to the airport this time, so we asked at the hostel if they could book one for us. They said that cabs are book-able, but that they rarely actually show up, and that it’s easier just to stand outside the hostel with our bags and flag one down. Which is exactly what we did.


Since we had checked out that morning, we decided to head to the airport early, not knowing what traffic would be like or if was was easy to get a cab or not. We had barely put our bags down on the curb when we flagged down a cab, so the hostel staff were spot-on about that! We got to the airport fairly quickly, then had about two hours to wait until our flight. So we hung out in the airport – a first for Ben! Hopefully the first of many. But not too many!

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