Review – Menda Ultimate Travel + Sports towels

Review – Menda Ultimate Travel + Sports Towels


Recently, kindly provided me with their Menda Ultimate Travel + Sports towels to test. This review is my genuine opinion after using this product; I have not been paid to write this. I have used over the past few years to purchase travel goods and gifts and can personally recommend them.


The original size can viewed here, and the mega size can be viewed here.


The first & best thing I can tell you about this towel is that it feels like a real towel. It’s not one of those rubbery ones that somehow gets ‘stuck’ on skin or hair. It’s not one of those travel towels where you dry off, the towel gets drenched, then you feel like you’re getting wetter again as the towel leaks back onto you.


All Menda towels come with a compression strap, to help minimise the space that is taken up by the towel.In day-to-day use (home, gym etc), I don’t find a great deal of use for the compression straps on the towels. However, on one particularly rainy day they did provide a good way to carry my soaked shoes around after I’d been walking in puddles. I am notorious for being unable to get any item back into the container or shape that it arrived in, but these towels are really easy to fold, roll & slip the compression strap around. (If all towels came with these, we’d all have much more space in linen cupboards at home!)


The Original size towel is perfect for the gym. This is my Original size towel in use at the gym (apologies for the quality, they were taken on my old iPhone while I was cycling):


The built-in loop is good for slipping over hand rails at the gym, so that the towel can’t fall onto the machine and get caught. I imagine that it’s also fairly useful in small hostel & hotel bathrooms, where shelf space is usually scarce.


The Mega towel measures 130cm by 64cm and the Original measures 100cm by 50cm. What that means in practicality is that the Mega size is the one you’d want to go for it you’re looking for a towel that wraps around your body (unless you’re very tiny/are buying for a child). The Original size is still plenty to completely dry yourself off with and makes a great hair towel.


The towels are suitable for machine washes & dryers, but I’ve found that they dry fast on their own (so that’s cash saved if you’re a laundromat user).


If you’re in the market for a travel towel, or even just a new set of towels to use in your home bathroom, I can highly recommend the Menda Travel + Sports towels.


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