Contiki – European Discovery 2005 – Day 4

2005 Contiki Tour Swarovski Crystal Museum

Day 4 – Friday 24th June, 2005

Munich – Itta, Austrian Tyrol, Austria


We left after what would become the best breakfast on the tour (actually had cooked food and fruit!) and drove to the drop-off point for the white water rafting. Those going on the white water rafting trip had time to get wet suits, get changed, and put their stuff in a locker under the bus before they went off. The rest of us got back on the bus and we drove for 45mins-1hr to the end of the white water rafting place.


2005 Contiki Tour Rest Stop In Austria


We had at least an hour to wait there, according to Amanda’s estimations, before they’d come by, so most of us checked our email at the little net café and sat around eating ice cream, because it was really hot there, it got up to about 36 degrees that day.


Around midday we all walked to the bridge to wait for the rafters to come under it so we could take photos of them as they came by. Our groups came through, about 3 rafts full in the end.


2005 Contiki Tour White Water Rafting


At which point we all learnt the story of what had happened that day. Due to another Contiki tour having a bus crash, we were left stuck with a bus whose front end was pretty much gone, in fact, parts of it were being propped up by a broom handle when I had a look at it, as we had less driving to do on this day. So for a few hours that afternoon, we all sat around under the umbrellas at the picnic tables, talking, eating and admiring the scenery.


2005 Contiki Tour Austria



So the hire bus drove us to the Swarovski Crystal museum (that’s the place with the face in the hillside) where those who had booked the museum tickets could go for a walk through it. Those of us who didn’t go through the museum were issued tickets so we could get into the gift shop. I wandered around the gift shop for a while, but not all that long, because it’s all things that went into the tens of thousands of Euros each.


2005 Contiki Tour Swarovski Crystal Museum


From there the hire bus took us to the village that we’d be staying in for the night, Itta, near Hopfgarten. We had the usual time, around half an hour, to check in and freshen up before going downstairs for dinner. Dinner that night was probably the nicest of the included dinners – we had genuine Austrian schnitzel. But the shots were good value there – you got 6 for €10, and they had the odd one that was about 60% alcohol.


After dinner, about 12 of us went for a walk around the village. We ended up going for a walk down the main road of the village, and around the corner of the road you come in on, still trying to see if we could see the castle. We found the castle, then decided to take group photos of us by the roadside with the sunset in the background. It was quite funny, as it took ages to take photos on about 12 cameras, and cars came past every few minutes, but as it’s a little village, they didn’t seem to care and just drove around us each time.


Contiki Tour 2005 Itta Village Church


When we’d finally finished posing for photos, we walked back to the beer garden of the hotels bar, where everyone else had been for that time. Most of us just sat around outside until the beer garden closed, after the sun had gone down, at about 10.30pm. After that, people started dancing, one of the waiters joined in occasionally, and most of us hung around there for a few hours. I got bored after a while, and went for a walk with those who were going to find the village ATM, which didn’t end up working, but oh well. I ended up going to bed sometime after midnight.


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