Contiki – European Discovery 2005 – Day 3

Thursday 23rd June, 2005

St Goar – Munich, Germany


Wake up call was around 6am again, we had breakfast, I don’t think this one was too bad; it actually had something else for you to eat other than plain bread, ham & cheese. So after breakfast we went outside to the shop that was next to the hotel for a talk on Beer Steins, after which we had a look through the 3 or so tourist shops in the village who had opened for us for the morning. Got a few postcards and shot glasses.


We drove on to Munich with a stop for lunch, I think that stop was the nice big open restaurant where I had spinach & gnocchi, but thankfully we had an hours stop that time, as the place we were going to stop originally had no parking spaces left, so they had to give us more time as it was a proper restaurant we stopped at.


We checked into the hotel around 3.30-4pm, had about half an hour before we were back on the bus again into Munich for the afternoon. We were dropped off just outside the city gates, then quickly walked to the Glockenspiel for 5pm. Got there just before, stood around in the sun for about 10mins, then it went off at 5. It isn’t actually anything particularly interesting, just a little may-pole type clockwork show in the tower of the building. It went for about 7 or 8mins.


Lots of tourists there just for those few minutes. After that I went and cashed a heap of travelers cheques so I could pay for the optional excursions for the tour, then went for a walk up the main shopping street, where I ran into a group of people coming out of one of the churches we’d marked on our maps as a place to see. Apparently they’d tried to get in there while there was a service on. Didn’t really feel like going to see more churches, as there was plenty of that line up for Italy, so Kirsten & I ended up going shopping, mostly in C&A, along with a few other high street stores.


Finished shopping about 7 or 7.30, and made our way to the Hoffbrauhouse, an apparently very well known and popular beer hall. We found a table of people from our tour, so sat down with them and ordered some beer & dinner. I ended up getting sausages and sauerkraut, which I’d never tried before, and didn’t end up liking much.


Sausages were fine though. We sat around at that table while we were eating (I filmed Kirsten trying to chug out of a 1 liter ‘cup’ of beer), and then someone else from our tour was wandering around and found our little table. Apparently there were about 3 other tables full of our Contiki group in a different part, so we finished our food, paid our waitress, and took our beers to the empty table next to everyone else.
We stayed there the rest of the evening, not doing anything other than talking and drinking, but it was really fun. I struggled to get through the 1L ‘cup’ of beer, even though for once I actually liked the beer. Part way through the evening, I spotted a waiter I thought was hot, and next time he passed by, I pointed him out to Kirsten (who was sitting at the end of the table). We decided we wanted a photo with him. He was always running past with hands full of food and beer, but eventually Kirsten flagged him down as he passed us, and we asked him if we could have a photo taken with him. He asked us why, Kirsten & I told him it was because we thought he was hot, but in the background Lin, who was trying to make the guy feel less perved on, said it was because of the uniform/costume that all the waiters wore. Anyway, he got the message that Kirsten & I were trying to get across, but kept saying he was busy and he’d stop next time. So he ended up avoiding us for ½ hr or more. During which time our Tour Manager, Amanda stopped by to offer us her opinion on him. Her favorite phrase sometimes seemed to be “What happens on tour, stays on tour”. So after a while, we finally managed to get the guy to stop at our table with empty hands, so I gave my camera to Lin, and Kirsten & I got up and stood either side of him, at which point someone yelled out “Kiss him”, which is why each of us are kissing him when the photo was taken. Honest, we hadn’t planned on that part. Anyway, the expression on his face was hilarious, although Kirsten was annoyed that hers didn’t turn out well at all – it was blurry. Actually, someone said he looked evil in the photo.


So that was probably about halfway through the evening. Later on when I was taking a photo at one of the other tables, he came past and prodded me in the side, which is why one of those photos is blurry! But he was always saying hi or waving or whatever every time he passed us after that. Kirsten drank two full jugs of beer and was fine, but suddenly it all hit her just after she’d started on her 3rd, and he was walking past and patting her head. Nice guy. Apart from when he was laughing at how pissed & miserable she was. Still, it was a good evening; despite a few of us trying to escort the drunk people to the toilet to throw up before we were all thrown out (they don’t seem to like people being drunk in public there). Kirsten caught a cab home earlyish with a few people. I went home about an hour after that. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to waiter dude though.


I walked to the Metro station with Michelle & her husband Tanner, we got tickets, and just as the train showed up, Kevin and one of the two sisters from Canada (I never remember which was which) showed up, so the five of us were on the same train. We wanted to junk food, so after we’d gotten off at our stop Michelle & I ran around to the front of the Wal-Mart ??? that was there to see if it was open, but it closed at 8pm, and by this time I seriously doubt it was before midnight. So I took a photo of the Wal-Mart sign, we caught up to everyone else and walked the few minutes back to the Holiday Inn.

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